Orange County Sheriff's Office

Posted by: Nimue Washburn on 08/24/2019

Policing Services

Across Vermont, towns and villages are able to contract with Sheriff's Offices for law enforcement and policing services. The Orange County Sheriff's Office performs various policing services within Orange County to compliment services provided by the State. For information on a specific town, visit Our Towns.

Detail Services

Frequently, organizations, individuals, or the State government may require law enforcement services that are otherwise not provided within the State of Vermont. Examples of such services include, but are not limited to, the movement of "super-load trucks" which require deputies to assist with the navigation of massive structures across Vermont highways; providing security for commercial or industrial facilities; providing traffic control for construction projects; and providing supervision for situations deemed unsafe.

Grant Activities

The Orange County Sheriff's Office is involved in a variety of targeted enforcement activities, funded through a variety of grants. This includes patrol efforts in cooperation with the Governor's Highway Safety Program to combat impaired and distracted driving, as well as encourage occupant protection use; enforcement of snowmobile laws on VAST trails; educating new drivers as an enhancement to driver's education programs, and more.